Jiminy. An app for parents who want to know more. 

Jiminy is an app that helps parents learn more about their children’s lives while respecting the child’s privacy. Jiminy is a news feed  filled with alerts, fun facts and numerous reports about the child's digital life. By combining expertise in clinical psychology, education, and advanced machine learning and big data, Jiminy helps parents regain a view of their children’s lives that is currently blocked by screens. The original product consisted solely of a chat interface using the Facebook platform, and during this project we created a stand alone app designed for the most efficient user experience.


Home Feed

Using NLP and big data tech, "stories" about the child's activities are delivered into the app's main interface - the home feed.



Each story includes a chat that allows the parent to get all the information needed, and then ask for more. 

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On-demand Insights

Using the app's two on-demand functions, parents can gain immediate insight into their child's activities and location. 

Or, how to gain a parent's trust.

The main challenge we encountered in this process was the onboarding. Many tests and experiments were needed in order to achieve the right balance between a short and efficient sign up and the need to gain parents' trust when asking for information about their children. Using a vibrant color palette and custom illustrations instead of detached stock photos, the brand exudes personality, trust, and warmth.

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A modular system for every type of data.

In an attempt to enrich the user experience and provide parents with the most efficient insights we created a modular system to display data. Each "story" could be easily presented in all different formats, from graphs and lists to plain text in a completely automated process.

Work created at Roy Barazani Studio.

Read more at Jiminy.me

Illustrations by Niv Tishbi