FullHouse. Shared living apartments for families.

FullHouse is a company that buys properties, renovates them and creates shared living apartments for families. We designed an online platform where we get to know our users and match them with the best family and home for them. We set out to transform our vision into a smart, simple product that offer an incredible user experience with a bold and simple design. Re-thinking the way we live, interact and share our spaces to imagine a new way of living that is tailored to the modern family.

Rethinking Onboarding.

The heart of the FullHouse experience are the families themselves. Therefore we chose to breakdown and emphasise the onboarding process, where we get to know the people behind the names in order to create strong matches between prospective family-mates. 

Simple, bold, effective.

Our  product strives to make data easy to engage with and quick to understand by creating an impactful visual experience.

We kept the platform feeling lightweight by using simple, bold elements to add dynamism and emphasise the content on the screens.

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The Future of Communal Living

After creating an extensive yet precise  family profile we offer you the best match for your future living experience. Each family is paired with prospective family-mates and can now embark together on an adventure to create a shared, modern, efficient new living situation.